Manuel Coutinho Carmo Bucar Corte Real, SE, M.Ec.

Comissario Adjunto de Prevenção da CAC de Timor-Leste (2010 - 2014)

O Mundo de Informações

Artigos sobre Politica de Economia:

  1. A Political Economic Analysis of Free-Trade Agreement
  2. Economic Origens of Dictatorship and Democracy
  3. Internacionalization and Domectic Politic
  4. The Republic of Science: Its Political and Economic Theory
  5. An Economic Theory of Political Action in a Democracy
  6. Understanding the Process of Economic Change
  7. Economic Performance Through Time
  8. Distributive Politics and Economic Growth
  9. Neoliberalizing Space
  10. The world since 1945: a history of international relations
  11. The hesitant boom: Indonesia's oil palm sub-sector in an era of economic crisis and political change
  12. The Urbanization of Neoliberalism: Theoritical Dabates
  13. Political and Economic Determinants of Budget deficit in Industrial Democracies
  14. How Reliable is Pooled Analysis in Political Economy? The Globalization–Welfare State Nexus Revisited
  15. The Body Politic and the Power of Socioeconomic Status
  16. The End of Capitalism(As We Knew It):A Feminist Critique of Political Economy
  18. The City as a Growth Machine: Toward a Political Economy of Place
  19. Increasing Return and Economic Geography
  20. Uncertainty, Evolution, and Economic Theory
  21. The economic basis of Russia's political crisis
  22. Rules Rather than Discretion: The Inconsistency of Optical Plans
  24. Institutions and economic performance: cross-country tests using alternative institutional measures'
  25. Black power
  26. Income distribution, political instability, and investment
  28. Understanding Economic Policy Reform
  29. The theory of economic regulation
  30. Federalism, Chinese Style: The Political Basis for Economic Success in China
  31. ESSAYS IN THE ECONOMICS OF CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: Gary S. Becker, William M. Landes (p. -20 - 0)
  32. Crime and Punishment: An Economic Approach: Gary S. Becker (p. 1 - 54) (download)
  33. The Optimum Enforcement of Laws: George J. Stigler (p. 55 - 67) (download)
  34. Participation in Illegitimate Activities: An Economic Analysis: Isaac Ehrlich (p. 68 - 134) (download)
  35. The Bail System: An Economic Approach: William M. Landes (p. 135 - 163) (download)
  36. An Economic Analysis of the Courts: William M. Landes (p. 164 - 214) (download)
  37. The Behavior of Administrative Agencies: Richard A. Posner (p. 215 - 261) (download)
  38. A Critique of the Behavioral Foundations of Economic Theory
  39. The Problem of Social Cost
  40. Politic Parties and Macroeconomic Policy
  41. Increasing Return, Path Dependence and the Stady of Politics
  42. The Political Economy of Growth: A Critical Survey of the Recent Literature
  43. A framework for understanding poverty
  44. The politics of the earth: environmental discourses
  45. Policy Paradigm, Social Learning and the State: The Case of Policymaking in Britain
  46. The Rhetoric of Economics
  47. A Pure Theory of Local Expenditure
  48. The state of social capital: bringing back in power, politics and history
  49. Political economy in macroeconomics
  50. National power and the structure of foreign trade
  51. Gender and command over property: A critical gap in economic analysis and policy in South Asia
  52. The effects of frames in political television news on issue interpretation and frame salience
  53. Fashioning in Korean Model out of the Crisis
  54. Some Principles of Stratification
  55. Institution, Instituional Change and Economic Prformance
  56. Protection for Sale
  57. The End of History? The National Interest, Summer 198
  58. In Praise of Cultural Imperialism
  59. TRANSFORMATIONS 'comparative study of social transfomtions
  60. The digital economy: Promise and peril in the age of networked intelligence
  61. Do Institutions Really Matter
  62. Economic Growth in a Cross Section of Countries
  63. Contemporary Ethnic Mobilization
  65. Education, democracy and growth
  66. The economics of European integration
  67. How does foreign direct investment affect economic growth?
  68. Shaping the political arena
  69. The political economy of central-bank independence
  70. Social postmodernism: beyond identity politics
  71. The political system of the European Union
  72. Why export democracy?: the hidden grand strategy of american foreign policy
  73. Art, Science, or Politics? The Crisis in Hunter-Gatherer Studies
  74. The Political Economyof the rent-seeking Society
  75. Cowles Foundation for Research of Economics
  76. 1. Introduction to "Import Competition and Response": Jagdish N. Bhagwati (p. 1 - 8) (download)
    2. Import Competition and Macroeconomic Adjustment under Wage-Price Rigidity: Michael Bruno (p. 9 - 38) (download)
    3. Intersectoral Capital Mobility, Wage Stickiness, and the Case for Adjustment Assistance: J. Peter Neary (p. 39 - 72) (download)
    4. Government Policy and the Adjustment Process: Michael Mussa (p. 73 - 122) (download)
    5. Protection, Trade Adjustment Assistance, and Income Distribution: Peter A. Diamond (p. 123 - 150) (download)
    6. Shifting Comparative Advantage, Protectionist Demands, and Policy Response: Jagdish N. Bhagwati (p. 151 - 196) (download)
    7. Trade in Differentiated Products and the Political Economy of Trade Liberalization: Paul Krugman (p. 197 - 222) (download)
    8. Endogenous Tariffs, the Political Economy of Trade Restrictions, and Welfare: Ronald Findlay, Stanislaw Wellisz (p. 223 - 244) (download)
    9. Tariff Seeking and the Efficient Tariff: Robert C. Feenstra, Jagdish N. Bhagwati (p. 245 - 262) (download)
    10. The Political Economy of Protectionism: Robert E. Baldwin (p. 263 - 292) (download)
    11. Adjustment in Process: A Lancashire Town: Ronald P. Dore (p. 293 - 320) (download)
    12. Trade Adjustment Assistance under the United States Trade Act of 1974: An Analytical Examination and Worker Survey: J. David Richardson (p. 321 - 368) (download)
    13. European Community Protection against Manufactured Imports from Developing Countries: A Case Study in the Political Economy of Protection: Eric Verreydt, Jean Waelbroeck (p. 369 - 400) (download)
    List of Contributors, Indices: Jagdish N. Bhagwati (p. 401 - 410) (download)
  77. The Lexus and the olive tree
  78. Democratic Politics in an Era of Economic Reform
  79. The New Institucional Economics
  80. The Disciplinary Society: From Weber to Foucault
  81. Labor Economic and Phsycology of Organizations