Manuel Coutinho Carmo Bucar Corte Real, SE, M.Ec.

Comissario Adjunto de Prevenção da CAC de Timor-Leste (2010 - 2014)

O Mundo de Informações

Artigos sobre o Crescimento Económico em Inglês:

  1. Economic Growth by Paul M. Romer
  2. ICT and Economic Growth
  3. Economic Growth in a Cross Section of Countries by Robert J. Barro
  4. A Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth by N. Gregory Mankiw; David Romer; David N. Weil
  5. Financial Development and Economic Growth: Views and Agenda by Ross Levine
  6. R & D-Based Models of Economic Growth by Charles I. Jones
  7. Economic Growth, Carrying Capacity, and the Environment by Kenneth Arrow, Bert Bolin, Robert Costanza, Partha Dasgupta, Carl Folke, C. S. Holling, Bengt-Owe Jansson, Simon Levin, Karl-Goran Maler, Charles Perrings, David Pimentel
  8. How does foreign direct investment affect economic growth? by E. Borenszteina ,*, J. De Gregoriob, J-W. Leec
  9. Stock Markets, Banks and Economic Growth by Ross Levine and Zara Zervos
  10. Determinants of Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Empirical Study by Robert J. Barro
  11. Empirical Cross-Section Dynamics and Economic Growth by Danny Quah
  12. Money and Economic Growth by James Tobin
  13. Equipment Investment and Economic Growth by J. Bradford De Long and NBER
    Lawrence H. Summers
  14. Raising the Speed Limit: U.S. Economic Growth in the Information Age by Dale W. Jorgenson and Kevin J. Stiroh
  15. Does Economic Growth Improve the Human Lot? The Empirical Evidence by Richard A. Easterlin
  16. Inequality and Economic Growth: The Perspective of the New Growth Theories by Philippe Aghion, Eve Caroli, and Cecilia García-Peñalosa
  17. Empirics for Economic Growth and Convergence by Danny T. Quah
  18. The New Empirics of Economic Growth by Steven N. Durlauf and Danny T. Quah
  19. Political Regims and Economic Growth by Adam Przeworski and Fernando Limongi
  20. Agricultural Productivity, Comparative Adventage and Economic Growth by Kiminori Matsuyama
  21. The Institutional Environment for Economic Growth by Witold J. Henisz
  22. The Legal Environment, Banks, and Long-Run Economic Growth by Ross Levine
  23. Technology and Pursuit of Economic Growth by Davis Mowery and Nathan Rosenberg
  24. Empirical Linkages between Democracy and Economic Growth by John F. Helliwell
  25. The Composition of Public Expenditure and Economic Growth by Shantayanan Devarajan, Vinaya swaroop and Heng-fu Zou
  26. Economic Growth in East Asia: Accumulation versus Assimilation by Susan M. Collins and Barry P. Bosworth
  27. Capital Market Liberalization, Economic Growth, and Instability by Joseph E. Stiglitz
    Stanford University
  28. Foreign Direct Investment, Technological Change and Economic Growth by Ray Barrel and Nigel Pain
  29. Financial Development and Economic Growth by Jode de Gregorio and Pablo E. Guidotti
  30. Capital Market Liberalization, Economic Growth and Instability by Joseph E. Stiglitz
  31. Fiscal decentralization, public spending, and economic growth in China by Tao Zhanga and Heng-fu Zoua
  32. Urban Diversity and Economic Growth by John M. Quigley