Manuel Coutinho Carmo Bucar Corte Real, SE, M.Ec.

Chefe Departamento de Ciência da Economia da FE da UNTL, Fevereiro-Setembro de 2000, Decano da FE da UNTL, Setembro de 2000 até Agosto de 2006, Inspector Geral do Estado, Agosto de 2006-Setembro de 2007, -Comissario Adjunto da CAC de Timor-Leste (2010 - 2018),
Docente Senior da Faculdade de Economia e Gestão da Universidade Nacional de Timor Loro-Sa´e
(Mês de Junho de 2000 até presente, 2019)

O Mundo de Informações

A Economia Europeia:

  1. The Political Economy of the European Economic and Monetary Union: Political Sources of an Economic Liability by Martin Feldstein
  2. Economic Implications for Turkey of a Customs Union with the European Union by Glenn W. Harrison, Thomas F. Rutherford and David G. Tarr
  3. The economics of European integration
  4. The Eastern enlargement of the European Union by Richard E. Baldwin
  5. The political system of the European Union
  6. Blockholdings in Europe: An international comparison
  7. The diffusion of mobile telecommunications services in the European Union by Harald Gruber and Frank Verboven
  8. Regional Economic Dynamics and Convergence in the European Union by Enrique López-Bazo, Esther Vayá Valcarce, Antonio José Mora Corral and Jordi Suriñach Caralt
  9. Ever closer union: an introduction to European integration
  10. Regional integration, scale economies and industry location in the European Union
  11. How (Not) to Run Auctions: the European 3G Telecom Auctions by Paul Klemperer
  12. Preferences and power in the European Community: a liberal intergovernmentalist approach
  13. Models of currency crises with self-fulfilling features Maurice Obstfeld
  14. Negotiating the Single European Act: national interests and conventional statecraft in the European Community by Andrew Moravcsik
  15. European economics: An analysis based on publications in the core journals
  16. and efficiency of monetary policy rules as guidelines for interest rate setting by the European
  17. The Mannheim Innovation Panels (MIP and MIP-S) of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW)
  18. The European Social Model : Coping with the Challenges of Diversity
  19. Formal and Real Authority in Organizations by Philippe Aghion and Jean Tirole
  20. European Economic and Social Committee: towards deliberative democracy via a functional assembly by Stijn Smismans
  21. Staying together or breaking apart: Policy-makers’ endogenous coalitions formation in the European Economic and Monetary Union by Bas Van Aarle, Giovanni di Bartolomeo, Jacob Engwerda and Joseph Plasmans
  22. The spatial distribution of economic activities in the European Union
  23. Towards an economic theory of overlapping political jurisdictions by Alessandra Casella
  24. The European Unemployment Dilemma
  25. National Bureau of Economic Research
  26. Increasing Return and Economic Geography
  27. Hysteresis in Unemployment by Olivier J. Blanchard
  28. The European employment strategy: genesis and development
  29. Intra-national versus international trade in the European Union: why do national borders matter? by Natalie Chena
  30. 1. Front matter to "Fiscal Institutions and Fiscal Performance": (download)
    2. Acknowledgments: (download)
    3. Introduction to "Fiscal Institutions and Fiscal Performance": James M. Poterba and Jurgen von Hagen (download)
    4. Budget Deficits and Budget Institutions: Alberto Alesina and Roberto Perotti (download) 5. A Model of Endogenous Fiscal Deficits and Delayed Fiscal Reforms: Andres Velasco (download)
    6. Consumption Smoothing through Fiscal Policy in OECD and EU Countries: Adriana Arreaza, Bent E. Sgrensen, and Oved Yosha (download)
    7. Government Fragmentation and Fiscal Policy Outcomes: Evidence from OECD Countries: Yianos Kontopoulos and Roberto Perotti (download)
    8. Institutional Arrangements and Fiscal Performance: The Latin American Experience: Ernesto Stein, Ernesto Talvi, and Alejandro Grisanti (download)
    9. Politics, Institutions, and Public-Sector Spending in the Argentine Provinces: Mark P. Jones, Pablo Sanguinetti, and Mariano Tommasi (download)
    10. Public Debt and Budgetary Procedures: Top Down or Bottom Up? Some Evidence from Swiss Municipalities: Lars P. Feld and Gebhard Kirchgassner (download)
    11. State Fiscal Institutions and the U.S. Municipal Bond Market: James M. Poterba and Kim Rueben (download)
    12. Electoral Institutions, Cabinet Negotiations, and Budget Deficits in the European Union: Mark Hallerberg and Jurgen von Hagen (download)
    13. Budgetary Institutions and the Levels of Expenditure Outcomes in Australia and New Zealand: J. Edgardo Campos and Sanjay Pradhan (download)
    14. Budgetary Procedures-Aspects and Changes: New Evidence for Some European Countries: Jakob de Haan, Wim Moessen, and Bjom Volkerink (download)
    15. Subnational Budgetary and Stabilization Policies in Canada and Australia: Thomas J. Courchene (download)
    16. Coping with Fiscal Stress: Illusion and Reality in Central Government Budgeting in Japan: Maurice Wright (download)
  31. Tax Harmonization and tax copetition in europe by Hans-Werner Sinn
  32. PDF Document of New York Univ.
  33. Tradinf Places: Industrial Specialization in European Union
  34. Property Right and Nature of the Firm